Character Creation

Character Concepts
When designing your character concept, remember that you are Knight of the Third Heaven, leaders within the personal army of the Emperor. When the Emperor ordered the destruction of Remo, you along with many others realized there was a mad man at the head of the Empire, and that that man was being manipulated by the Supreme Archbishop Eljared. The last actions you recall are those on New Years Eve, as you and others under the command of General Yuri Olson entered the Palace with the intent to free Tadeus Van Horseman. However, the resistance met lead to fighting within the streets of Archangel as well as the Imperial Castle itself. First it was only other Heaven’s Order members , but then as the night grew late, others arrived, terrible in power and might, nightmares walking the halls, ripping through the ranks of all sides. Men and women in strange armor, destroying all those they faced.

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Characteristic Generation
All Characteristics begin at 3, and you have 45 points to distribute among them. Cost to increase is 1 for 1, except from 9 to 10 which costs 2.

You may freely choose your Appearance. This means certain Advantages and Disadvantages may be unavailable.

Creation Points
As normal, you begin with 3 Creation Points and may have up to 3 Disadvantages.

Non-Restricted Creation Points
The Non-restriction optional rule will be used in the game. Instead of gaining a +1 to a Characteristic each even level you may gain a Creation Point.

Legacies of Blood
Legacies of Blood do not provide a Level Adjustment, but instead cost 1 Creation Point more than normal.

Races allowed are human, Nephilim, or Tuan Dalyr.

Once you have determined your beginning Characteristics, Advantages and Disadvantages, advance yourself to 4th Level and spend DP.

Critical Injuries
During the Fracture of Heaven, the character received a number of Critical Injuries that aught to have killed them or at the vary least it left them severely disabled. These injuries will be determined after you create your character.

Each character has undergone a process called Awakening its creator, Doctor Loctus Khan Schwarzwald. This process is similar to what the Processed go though, but it is more stable, but it also does not increase the character power nearly as much as the Processed are. See Awakened..

You have a Natura of +10.

Those with this level of Natura are individuals of transcendental importance. Wherever they go, significant events occur (or rather, history pulls them to the places where they will happen), and what normal people consider inconceivable will be commonplace for them.
Destiny Points: The character receives 3 Destiny Points (Gaia pg 295-296)

Character Creation

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