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Along with others, you defied the Emperor when he ordered the destruction of the province of Remo. The commands of the Emperor over the past couple months, and those coming from the Supreme Archbishop and de facto Empress had become counter to the ideals of the Empire.

On the eve of the new year, what had begin as a simple rescue mission to free the Lord of War Tadeus Van Horseman and others imprisoned by the Emperor for insubordination and outright rebellion had turned into a bloodbath. Not only were you fighting against those who only a few months ago you had called allies and compatriots, others swiftly arrived under the command of Eljared; a New Conclave of eight individuals, each with the power to destroy armies. On their heels came others, men and women in strange technomagical armor and horrid inhuman monsters.

And the last you recall of that day, is being tossed aside by one of those powerful beings or monsters, body broken, life seeping swiftly form you body, and the words of Eljared echoing in your head:

“Is man only a failure of God, or is God only a failure of man? Everyone, who has wandered in the darkness of your own history like small children, open your eyes. It is about to begin. Be witness to how we take this step forward. In the end, to deny God will be the only way to save the world”.

Your next memory is fuzzy and unreliable. A woman kneeling beside you, hand on your forehead. You hear her telling someone that you will live, though she is unsure if living is the right word. All went black once again, but not before you saw who the woman is talking to, another woman; no a mere slip of a girl.

But you knew that girl, though for the first time you saw true sadness in her eyes. The Emperors daughter, Elisabetta, her dress stained in blood. And in her arms, almost as if it were cradled, was Seoman Kephas, the Imperial Sword. Behind her stood the brick of a man who had raised her, Kisidan, his coat stained by a single slash of red.

For the next few months you faded in and out of unconsciousness, a near perpetual nightmare-filled coma broken only my moments of pain-filled wakefulness. No one would tell you, but you quickly realized your body was broken, and there was no recovery. You were made comfortable, for an eventual life of disability.

Then one day you had a visit. A tall slender man with wire framed glasses and long dark hair, looking over your charts as you woke.

He smiled at you and asked:

_"What do you desire. Not death, for I doubt that even in your condition, you would wish for that. That is not in your nature is it? You are a fighter. I can return your body to functioning, no better than functioning. The Empress has tasked me to do that. But, I will do so much more than that,” his pause is long, then he looks down at you as you begin to drift off to darkness again “rest, and think upon what YOU want….” _

The next time you woke, things had changed…you had Awakened.

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