The Dark Day After

In the aftermath of Upnapistim, no one could call the end of the war a victory. Hundreds of millions were dead, several civilizations had been wiped off the face of Gaia, and half the world, two complete continents simply vanished, erased by the power the Lord of Judas had unleashed. And that was not the only result. It was as if the supernatural world has been shattered, leading to the death of many creatures that required magic to survive. Many of the most ancient of creatures disappeared, crawling to distant locals to hibernate, hopefully for a time where they might survive. And the supernatural races, like the Sylvain and Daihmah felt as something vital to them was gone.

The world that remained was in the height of chaos. Racial hatred reached hights it had never had before, as the various races blamed each other for the chaos. Pillagers, nameless beasts and monstrosities roamed the countryside. In this desolate world, survivors of the holocaust asked themselves what was there to live for?

In this time of despair, Zhorne Giovanni, still commanding the forces of the Alliance, requested the support of the Sylvain emperor to forge a new world together, one where all those under their command, human and non-human might strive together. But the emperor declined, withdrawing his remaining forces to a hidden garrison in the north, and soon the other races withdrew, leaving Zhorne with only his human forces. And though alone, he began a crusade to bring peace in this time of chaos. He killed all the pillagers that fought him, allowing those who surrendered to join his crusade. Soon, countless others flocked to his banner, warriors and the lost and abandoned.

Months later he and his followers arrived at the ruins of Archangel. He ordered the city rebuilt, and leaving a sizable force, he continued on his crusade to bring order, bringing order to the territory that would one day be called the Principality of Abel. In those first years, he attempted have a permissive and open view of the supernatural, attempting to find a place for non-humans and the supernatural, but the hatred and fear germinated by the War of God continued, and he soon realized that coexistence would be impossible. From that point on, he expelled all supernatural forces from his borders under the threat of extermination. Little by little mystical creatures faded to the background, and soon humanity, as they are want to do, began to forget them; turning magic an the supernatural to something of the distant past and myth.

And ten years after the end of the War of God, he returned to Archangel. There, on the 16th day of September, 233 years after the death of the Messiah, the dam day he married, Zhorne Giovanni founded the Sacred Holy Empire of Abel.

The Dark Day After

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