Awakened is a “Template” that is applied to those who have undergone the process known Awakening, as invented by Doctor Loctus Khan Schwarzwald.

He has used the Awakening process on only servants of the Empire, calling them Lions of Abel. A side effect of the Awakening process is that the recipients hair turns white. He even remarked to the Empress once:

“He has his Crows, you shall have your Lions.”

This process requires a number of surgeries.

First, a specially crafted technomagical psychic crystal is implanted in the subject brain. this does often awaken a latent potential in the subject, allowing them access to a single psionic power.

Secondly, a technomagical organ is implanted. This organ is called the Regulator, and is surgically connected to other organs. At this time, any other organs that need replacement are also replaced; no need to put the subject though an unnecessary number of surgeries.

Lastly, the character is injected with the Awakening Serum. This is a mixture of various supernatural creatures bloods, the Doctor’s own blood, adrenaline, and nanites based off the ones in his own blood. This injection jump starts the Awakening process, increasing the subjects natural regeneration to superhuman levels for a short time. While scars and injuries of the past are not healed, those received recently fade, not even leaving scars, so there is no sign of the surgery. This injection also ensures the body does not reject the new organs, or any other that might be added later.

The Regulator does in deed regulate various body functions, but also recycles and rebuilds any nanites and the supernatural blood in the system that is injected during the third step, allowing the character not to have to ingest or inject the Awakening Serum to keep their newly Awakened abilities.

Effects of Awakening
Awakening has a Level Modifier of +2.
Characteristics Boost: The character gains a +1 bonus to two physical and two spiritual characteristics.
Inhumanity: This ability allows the character to perform physical actions impossible for other human beings. With it, a character can achieve Inhuman Difficulty levels and take full advantages their physical characteristics provide. If the character is already capable of Inhumanity, then he gains Zen.
Regeneration: The character’s regeneration increases by 4.
Adaptability: The character can call upon supernatural reserves to boost their ability for a short period of time. At the beginning of any Combat Turn in which he can act, he can choose one of the following bonuses for that turn. This choice is made before Initiative is determined, and ends at the end of that Combat Turn.

  • +10 Initiative
  • +2 to one Characteristic
  • +2 Movement Value
  • +15 to all Resistances
  • +10 Attack
  • +10 Dodge
  • +10 Block
  • +10 Magic Projection
  • +10 Psychic Projection
  • +10 Psychic Potential
  • +10 to one Summoning Ability
  • +25 to one Secondary Ability
  • +3 At to one Attack Type, even Energy

The character can only draw upon these reserves a number of Turns per day equal to his Constitution.


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