The Coming of the Messiah

Just a little over a thousand years ago, a simple boy was born of a virgin mother, and in time would shake the Pillars of Creation. Born of humble birth, even the greatest of kings and emperors would kneel to him. Today he is known by many names, the Illuminated One, King of Kings, Son of God, the Messiah, Christ. But the first name he was known by was Abel.

Born and raised in a small village in the region now known as The Dominion, his childhood remains shrouded in mystery. At that time the lands he lived in were in constant warfare. On the day his life began to be followed by the world, the town of Netzath was under attack by a minor company intent on simply sacking and capturing the town. In the midst of the battle, the young boy appeared, walking toward the captain of the soldiers. No one raised a hand or weapon to the boy, they were simply incapable of harming him. Before the captain, the boy, no more than 10 years old, simply smiled, and spoke words which would reverberate throughout history: “Today, a new era begins.” There, in the center of the battle, which had come to a halt, the boy spoke with the innocence of a boy and the wisdom of an ancient. And none could turn from him.

The captain was overwhelmed, and decided to follow the boy. He would become Abel’s first, and premiere Apostle: Piertro Giovanni.

Abel traveled from one side of the world to the other, spreading his word to all countries. Everywhere he went, people abandoned their conflicts in favor of a common goals, teaching the lessons of a henceforth unknown God; a God of all things that granted his people the power over life and death.

Within the philosophy there was no room for magic or the supernatural, which he considered the root of the evils that humanity had suffered up to that point. If Man wanted salvation, he had to return to his origins, before foreign forces had invaded their life.

Just after turning 16, while performing a sermon on a mountainside for a great crowd of his followers outside the city of Ilion, he was attacked by a number of his detractors, those that saw his creed as an attack on them and their lives. But the attempted assassination of Abel and demonstration of power did not go as planned.

That night, Abel would teach that God not only brought love and mercy, but also just and swift punishment and retribution. When that ancient order of wizard, the Order of Yehudah manifested before the crowd and began their brutal show of force, the youth gathered up a fallen soldier’s weapon from the ground and advanced on the wizards with tears in his eyes.

The War of the Cross
Following the events on the mount, Abel’s passive nature fell to the background. He gathered his closest followers, granting them the title of Apostle, and explained to them that the moment to change the world forever had come. On that evening, still bloody and victorious over the Order of Yehedah, he initiated a crusade to unite all of humanity under one banner, a single dream and the same heaven.

An the War of the Cross began.

The next 12 years, those nations that would not surrender to him, were subjugated by the force of an army driven by faith. Oftentimes, those who failed to surrender would have to face their own armies who had come to the follow the words of the Savior of Man. Only the Empire of Solomon, long ago the greatest power of man, refused to waver and managed to resist the reformation of heaven’s chosen, who ignored them in favor of other lands.

In those years, this religious unification was regarded with disdain to those deities that are known today as False Idols, and some decided to take an active role in the matter. At the doors of the Peak of the World Abel faced and defeated the Great Beast Fenrisulf, killing and spilling the blood of a god. Saul, high priest of the False Idols dipped his fingers in the blood of the fallen god, and marked Abel’s forehead with a cross. The he gained the title Christ or Anointed One, and from that point on, he became known as the Son of God.

From that point on, humanity found itself at apogee, taking center stage in the world, and the border of the world of humanity was closed to all others. And those borders continued to expand. It is said that Abel even traveled to the floating fortress of the mythical Duk’zarist, where no human had ever set foot without invitation. He entered the dark palace of the empress of the Dark Ones, demanding to see her. Scriptures say that when Empress Phomereum Noah saw the shadow of God behind Abel, and trembled, and agreed to not take part in the affairs of mankind, and then he returned to his disciples.

He was only 28 years old. He would never see 29.

The Kingdom of the Heaven

Once the rest of the world was secured, Abel and his Apostles turned their attention on decadent Salomon. Its ruler, Romulo, known for his despotic behavior and cruelty, had openly announced his rejection of the Messiah’s doctrine, and was supported completely by his subordinates. clinging to the ancient image of the Empire. Because of this, it looked to be a long campaign, but no one doubted the outcome.

It took but a short time for the armies of the Messiah to reach the walls of the capital of Solomon, setting up camp on the outskirts of the city. That night Abel gathered his Apostles and ate supper with them. Some say that he was acting strange, and others say that he announced implicitly what was about to happen to him, although at that moment his Apostles did not understand. After dinner, he met in private with Pietro and then with Iscariot. The content of those conversations are unknown, but the later told him that he wished to show him something. In silence the two went to the Hill of Laments, where a company of Solomon soldiers waited to capture him. What happened there is cause for much speculation, but many believe he allowed himself to be taken.

As payment, Iscariot received 30 pieces of black metal. Beware any that possess one of these, for our sins fall upon them.

The following morning, Abel was crucified on the walls of Solomon, where he lay dying for 13 long hours. When he finally passed, the skies did not open and the earth did not shake. It did not rain blood and there was no silence across the firmament.

He simply died.

The Coming of the Messiah

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