The Sacred Holy Empire

The Sacred Holy Empire of Abel
Founded with the objective to unify Gaia under one banner, Zhorne proclaimed himself spiritual and imperial leader, appointing under his crown all military, civil and ecclesiastical power. The territories he had annexed in his crusade became principalities, sovereign nations owing allegiance to upon the Empire. The four greatest generals of his armies he named Lords of War, and he reconstructed the Church in all its splendor.

He also created the Templars of Tol Rauko, who would take the stronghold of Rah under their control, protecting it from abuse, and to preserve the knowledge of the past. They would also be charged with dealing with certain supernatural instances, those that did not come under the purview of the newly resurrected Inquisition.

But even then, he did not rest. There was still much chaos in the world. He returned to his crusade, to bring all the principalities under his rule. Some came willing, others he fought tooth and nail to bring under control. He faced on of Rah’s old marshals, and had to face the opposition of Lannet and Al-Enneth. Once he had the Old Continent securely under his control, he traveled to Varja, and then to the New Continent.

After decades of constant war and conflict, he finally returned to Archangel, and his beloved Empress, secure that the world was now under one rule. Though his hands and soul were stained with blood, the legacy he left the children of Gaia was one very different than the dark times he had to live through.

And finally, in the year 355, having reached 149 years old, Zhorne Giovanni, first emperor of the Sacred Holy Empire of Abel, passed in the way he always wished; peacefully and in his bed.

The Seven Centuries
The next emperor was Zhorne’s only son, Lazaro. Inheriting the Crown of Abel and the heavy responsibility that it entailed, Lazaro had inherited much of his father, and proved be be more than worthy of his father’s legacy. Though his father had brought all of Gaia under his rule, it was Lazaro who truly unified the Principalities by creating the High Senate, in which the leaders, or at least their representatives, would participate. In this way, the period known as the Seven Centuries began, during which the Sacred Holy Empire, lead by the Giovanni dynasty, governed with absolute rule over Gaia.

It is true that there were conflicts, but the actions of the Giovanni emperors were always commendable, in complete control of their power at all times. Even when faced with a massive earthquake in the sixth century, they quickly reacted and sprung to work, proving various aid packages to those hurt the most.

One of the best decisions during this time was the establishment of the Arbitration Wars, a system in which conflicts between Principalities could be resolved, with guidelines laid down by Imperial Arbiters. In this way, it was possible to resolve wars without needless bloodshed or damage to cities.

As a reflection of this unified world, humanity mad great leaps and bounds both economically and culturally, making numerous advances the likes of which humanity had not seen since Solomon. For the first time in the history of man, mankind had made leaps toward a bright future.

The End of a Dynasty
There have been many instances where a single entity has altered the destiny of Gaia; unfortunately it has not always been for the good. Lascar Giovanni was one such man.

Even before becoming Emperor, Lascar, last of the Dynasty, was far different than his predecessors. As a child, he he was prematurely capricious, arrogant and malicious; he held nothing back when it cam to getting what he wanted. Despite having many of the characteristics of his predecessors, he used those talents only for his own benefit. Many believed that he would change once the weight and responsibility of the Crown was upon his head and shoulders, even his own father. They could not have been more wrong.

Once he ascended the throne, he proved that what he had been before, was but a faint shadow of his true self. Once instilled as Emperor, he took what he wanted, beginning a time of cruelty and depravity unsurpassed in the Empire. He took whatever woman he wanted, had people executed at a whim, and when he grew board, started wars to simply pass the time. His wife was driven to suicide, attempting to abort his first-born son, though many believe he had her killed.

Things came to a head when the Lords of War united together and requested he abdicate to his young son, who was still just barely a child. With his denial, Elias Barbados, the senior Lord of War met with others, and they planned a coup, one that would be as bloodless as possible. Taking advantage of most of Heaven’s Order being out of Archangel, and his own forces gathered for maneuvers, he assaulted the Imperial Palace in an attempt to force the Emperor to abdicate to his son.

As fighting broke out in the Castle of the Angel, Lascar waited in the throne hall, waiting. As the fighting erupted into the hall, Elias watched, helplessly as he fought those of the Seventh Heaven, as the Emperor placed Seoman Kephas, the Sacred Holy Sword, the Imperial Sword, in his sons hand, and then fell upon it. As the first drop of the Emperor’s blood touched the floor, the young princes destiny as Emperor was condemned, for he had just sinned against the Empire.

Thus was Lascar’s dark legacy, the end of a dynasty and the imbalance of the world.

The Sacred Holy Empire

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