The War of God

In the year 223, on September 13th, the 12th Kingdom of Man, the Empire of Judas, declared war on the world, and no one was prepared for it.

Rah Sith, descendant of Judas Sith the son of Iscariot, had gathered all the Rejected; supernatural creatures and those shunned by the Church, under his rule. With ancient knowledge of Solomon, he had created all forms of monstrosities, whose only purpose was to conquer the world. It was the rejected and these monstrosities that he unleashed on to the world, with the Duk’zarist as his allies, their flying fortresses moving across the face of Gaia, unleashing the horrors of Judas.

City after city on the Inner Sea fell tho the might and armies of Rah, and the Eleven Kingdoms, unprepared and to preoccupied with other matters, were unable to respond to the attacks properly. As the Empire of Rah consumed a huge portion of the Old Continent, they spread out from there, attacking the New Continent, and the lands of the non-humans, sure that their forces were unstoppable.

And though the Sylvain had some marginal victories in the beginning, the Duk’zarist citadels proved overwhelming. And within six months, it was apparent that the Empire of Rah was going to be the rulers of Gaia. Early in the conflict, emperor Taumiel Ul of Sylvanus offered thier aird to kingdoms of man, but were flat refused, as they were unwilling to ally with the non-human races under the Sylvain.

And then, against all odds, a descendant of the Apostle Peter, Zhorne Giovanni, rose above all others, bringing hope to the world. Armed with a natural talent for combat and leadership, he turned a simple revolt into an outright threat to Rah’s rule. He reunited what remained of the Eleven Kingdoms, executing a number of swift and decisive battles. But in the face of the superior forces of Rah, Zhorne accepted Taumiel’s offer, bringing the two forces under his and the Sylvain emperor’s control.

Soon, Rah’s forces were being pushed back, loosing ground and forces. And when the Duk’zarist Citadel or Ordos Zenos fell, wiping out a huge number of Rah’s forces, everyone realized that the war was far from over.

The Battle of Ashes
When Rah realized that his forces were being pushed back, he unleashed his most powerful weapon yes revealed. The Lord of Judas and his Conclave, eight of his most powerful agents, took the field before an opposing force of over five million. And his first words spoken to the world would forever be etched into history:

“You are guilty. You are responsible for your own down fall. Do you not see it? As lambs you faithfully follow the ideals of a destiny that does not belong to you. Blind and chained, you have forgotten what it even means to be human.
Ready yourselves. The world will change, although we must stain it with blood for that. The hour has arrived for the God – that arrogantly we have created in our own image and likeness – to die. With our hands we will destroy the heavens.”

Ordering his armies to withdraw, he and the conclave fell upon the combined forces of human and non-humans. In minutes, a third of those forces were dead or dying. Taumiel, seeing the power displayed by the Lord of Judas and his conclave, called for a retreat, for they seemed as gods, and what force could face one god, let alone nine.

Morale after the Battle of Ashes shot down. Rah split up the Conclave, placing them as generals within his forces; gods leading the devoted on the battlefield, once a gain claiming lands.

Only Zhorne continued to have any victories, and soon all realized that he would be the only one who could stop the Lord of Judas. So dangerous Rah felt the man was, that he ordered the Conclave to find and destroy him him at all costs.

After several near death confrontations with various members of the Conclave, he was fianlly intercepted by the adoptive daughter of Rah, Karla Edil Sith. A powerful summoner, she unleashed numerous monsters and invoked some of the most powerful of the great beasts, devastating both the armies and the countryside. In the climax of the fight, she invoked the Dark Aeon Tawil Ay-U’mr, the Lord of the Gates, attempting to drag her antagonist towards the infinite nothing. But at that moment, the leader of the Conclave, and Rah’s son, Keith Khaiel Sith took the opportunity to take both out of the picture, unleashing a holocaust of pure destruction leaving no sign of the two combatants behind.

With the loss of Zhorne, the forces of aligned against Judas quickly began to fall back, unraveling every accomplishment of Zhorne’s the year before. The Old Coninent and outlying Varja and even the Sylvain and Duk’zarist homelands came completly under the control of Judas. The alliance between man and Sylvain began to waver as Taumiel saw himself unable to do anything against the forces arrayed against him.

Once again, the fate of Gaia seemed to have been determined. But there was still more blood to spill.

Terminus and the End of the World
Months after his believed death, Zhorne suddenly reapeared, and once again took over the control of the armies. With renewed vigor, he once again turned the tide of battle, regaining much of the old continent and even defeating several members of the Conclave. With blood, sweat and tears, he brought the battle to Terminus, where he gathered all the forces who opposed Rah under his banner. Dragons and other ancient beasts heeded his call. And before this mighty army stood the army of Judas, the most powerful army in history, filled with the rejected, Duk’zarist and techomagical monstrosities. The greatest battle the Gaia had ever witnessed was on the verge of exploding; a battle in which all were certain the forces of Judas would be victorious.

More than twenty million began that battle. After the first clash, the superiority of the army of Judas was clear. Blood soaked the fields, and though it seemed hopeless, the armies of Zhorne continued to fight in the face of absolute destruction. It has been so long that they no longer fought for ideals, creeds or even revenge. They simply had nothing else to do.

But as the end of the second day came to a close, something happened. It was later learned that the Duk’zarist empress, Ark Noah, had been this whole time in the hands of Rah, kidnapped and held hostage in order to control the Duk’zarist. A young Duk’zarist managed to sneak into the fortress of Tol Rauko and free her. The news of her liberation reached the Duk’zarist generals, and they retreated from the field, a mass exodus that opened the forces of Judas to a counter-attack.

As the third day of the battle neared its end, the forced of Judas were forced to retreat and attempt to regroup, but they never got the opportunity. Ruthlessly, Zhorne lead his armies into a strike against their opponents, and then continued the charge, right to the coast lines, seizing the ships of the enemy to take the battle to the master of Judas himself.

No one knows what truly happened that day. But what has been pieced together by various accounts, Rah, seeing his army defeated, descended into the depths of Tol Rauko. Even the forces of Hell seemed to fight the Lord of Judas as three Demon Princess of Sin, Gluttony, Pride and Wrath were sent to kill Rah to stop what he planned. Two of them were utterly devastated, leaving Pride to crawl back to his masters.

Rah then continued his way to the bowels of Tol Rauko. Whatever he did, utterly destroyed him, erasing him from existence. If Rah could not save the world, he would be its destruction. A deluge of power unseen before washed across the face of the world, devastating the Inner Sea and changing the face of the Gaia as the energies of all the dead in the war was unleashed in an event called Upnapistim.

Some believe, that the world ended that day. We simply did not realize it.

The War of God

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